Budget 2022 – an Election is Coming

The federal government this week brought down their pre-election budget and the opposition provided a pre-election response. ACoP notes the budget and response in the main were well received with – as always – good parts, bits missing and questions to be answered.

ACoP believes that what was missing from both was a longer-term strategy for Australia.

Peter Strong, the Advocate for ACoP stated “To get best bang for the budget bucks we need expenditure to be part of a coherent plan that confronts the big issues and challenges of our near and medium futures: geopolitical unrest; cyber attacks; health issues; pandemics; the aged-care crisis, climate change; the economic threat to families from rising inflation and interest rates; national and international supply chain issues; re-establishing trust in government processes, and sovereignty.

There was certainly good focus on various parts of these issues, yet an overall strategy was not articulated.  That is what is needed to develop confidence and trust.

Mr Strong added “Politicians know that, globally, Australia is in a very good position regarding economics and pandemic. Therefore, it is important that hubris does not enter the ranks of our political parties. As we have seen with Ukraine, the future is full of unknowns.

However, the skills, knowledge, expertise and ethics of the professions of Australia can add to the capacity of government to make well-researched and sound policies – if they are listened to more often.

ACoP has noted that the one bit of budget that needs to be in place is funding for a federal version of ICAC. Australians want to have more trust in our political processes, in the grant allocation process and in the honesty of elected officials. It was disappointing to see that neither the government or opposition referenced an ICAC.

Now we will have an election in May – ACoP will have more to say as we advance through the election campaign process.

Mr Strong also stated “We need a vision for Australia and a strategy to implement it. Professionals can provide both.

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