Transforming to an Online Organisation

Professions Australia (incorporated as the Australian Council of Professions Ltd – ACoP) has begun the process of transitioning to fully online operations.

Based on the 2017 Strategic Review which addressed the purpose, positioning and presentation of our organisation, we have also reviewed our modus of day-to-day operations. With the Board and CEO geographically spread across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and the ACT and many meetings already being held by video- and/or tele-conferencing, it was determined that it would be beneficial to complete our transition to on-line operations.

Our ‘Agile Office’ at the Canberra Hyatt

The main component of this transition is transferring the remainder of our current documents to our online filing system DropBox and migrating our bookkeeping system to cloud-based Xero. We expect to give our last (empty!) filing cabinets to charity later this year!

Working online also changes the operational culture of an organisation. We will become more agile as we work and meet whereever our member organisations are – using their premises, hotel business lounges and ‘hot-desks’, rather than being ‘locked away’ in a physical office. We believe this approach also benefits those in our leadership who have family duties, as they can work for us from home having full access to all our resources. We thank our member the Australian Computer Society for provisioning us with hot-desk facilities in their locations accross Australia!

We hope that our transition to a fully online operating organisation will allow us to be even more agile in meeting the needs of our membership.

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