ACoP and Deakin University join forces to move professional education forward

ACoP in partnership with Deakin University is delighted to announce the endorsement of the Deakin Professional Practice credential in Professional Ethics. A world-first endorsement, this experiential micro-credential enables professionals to attain a globally recognised certification of their expertise and experience in applying principles and practice of professionalism and ethics.

To be assessed for this certification, professionals need only to collate and submit a portfolio aligned to clearly defined criteria, highlighting their understanding and application of professional and ethical conduct. As no study or additional learning is required, most candidates will be able complete their credential in 8-10 hours.

ACoP Member Organisations will have access to a generous discount on the credential fee. After obtaining this world-leading credential, professionals have the opportunity to leverage the credential toward post-graduate qualifications at Deakin University whilst developing their own career pathways.

ACoP National President, Klaus Veil explains, “This ACoP-endorsed Professional Practice credential is assessed by Deakin and for the first time provides a way in which professionals can be formally recognised for ethical behaviour, as professionals, within their professional roles and within the wider community”.

Deakin University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Iain Martin, said that Deakin continued to innovate in education in response to industry needs, prioritising relevance and value. “DeakinCo. continues to address the evolving educational and career needs of professionals. This credential enables companies to certify the skills and knowledge of their staff, leveraging Deakin’s deep expertise in ethics and related fields. The Professional Practice Credential again demonstrates how Deakin is leading the sector in providing flexible learning and qualifications that are highly regarded within a practical, workplace context.”

As the unifying alliance of thought leaders advocating for the Professions, Professionals and Professionalism, ACoP’s charter is driven by the very definition that a Profession is “a disciplined group of individuals who adhere to ethical standards” and as a Professional within the Profession, that they are “generally seen as an indicator of integrity, ethics, trust and expertise” (ACoP, 2003).

Deakin University via its workplace learning division DeakinCo. is a world leader in delivering cutting-edge, real-world, real-time education programs that offer practical, agile workforce professional development and align with the needs of professionals across multiple facets of workplace capabilities to meet the demands current and future needs offering practical, agile workforce professional development.

Collectively, partnering to create this credential signals the convergence of Professionalism and Ethics in a way that provides formal recognition in professional ethics standards at any stage of an individual’s professional career, demonstrating the value, integrity, and trust that professionals uphold to themselves, their organisations and the societies they serve.

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