Professionalisation of the English Language Teaching (ELT) Profession

The social benefits for the ELT community in meeting the challenge of professionalising

With mounting evidence that Australia has ‘outsourced’ its key social responsibilities to quasi markets in education, health, and community care, the impact has left our communities with appalling instances of degradation, such as in aged care. In her keynote address to the National Education Assurance Services (NEAS) 2022 National Conference1, Ruth Ferraro unpacked the many issues in each of these sectors addressing the ‘certain predictable failures2.

Dr Ruth Ferraro

Our Head of Professionalism and Ethics, Dr Ruth Ferraro offered a challenge to the ELT community to professionalise and, by understanding the machinery and power of applied Institutional Theory, to claim a place in the ‘system of the professions’.

By examining the 5 Es of Professionalism as put forward by the Professional Standards Councils’ Academic View3, Ruth offered a number of activities for NEAS to pursue to achieve this professionalisation and thereby deliver on the remit to our English language students including, but not limited to, the international student sector.

Overall, delegates found Ruth’s presentation interesting, professional and thought-provoking.

  1. Attended in person by over 250 delegates and over 1,200 online delegates from the English Language Teaching (ELT) Profession
  2. Australian University Review Benedict Sheehy RMIT University Regulation by markets and the Bradley Review of Australian higher education
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