Constitution Special General Meeting

Today the Australian Council of Professions Ltd at a Special General Meeting approved a new Constitution.

Generously hosted by Speech Pathology Australia in Melbourne, the only item of business before the SGM was approving the following a special resolution:

That the current constitution of the company be replaced with the proposed new constitution, a copy of which was circulated to each member with the notice of this meeting.

Our existing Constitution was adopted by members of the Australian Council of Professions (“Professions Australia”) in 2005. At the time it was considered a suitable constitutional framework to reflect the needs and wishes of the members. Increasingly however it has become outdated and difficult to manage. The Board believes it has reached the point where it is reasonable to consider it unworkable and seeks to replace it with a constitution which will better enable us to carry out our mission and achieve your vision.

The special resolution was unanimously approved, putting our new Constitution into immediate effect.

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