Professional Bodies’ Collective Agency on Climate Action

As the coalition of countries committing to net-zero emissions by 2050 is growing and gaining momentum, the United Nations is calling for these commitments to be backed by realistic, credible, and timely action. The Australian Council of Professions (ACoP) is heeding this call and welcomes interested parties to participate in our mission.

In November 2021, our Member Organisations endorsed the global Professional Bodies Climate Action Charter representing a united force in sharing and harnessing joint expertise and resources to enhance the capabilities of professional organisations in their pledge to sustainable practice.

With the discourse on “Net Zero by 2050” and similar goals running hot, ACoP is committed to facilitating dialogue and coordinating tangible outcomes on the practical and realistic action that is required to achieve national climate-related goals aligned with the ambition of the Charter.

The power of collective agency is undisputed and as a collective of professional bodies across Australia and New Zealand, we can effect positive change either as supporters or adopters.

With that as the basis of ACoP’s mission, we are hosting an inaugural roundtable on Wednesday, 9 March 2022 to start the discussions, with a focus on the important next steps needed to establish operational approaches in support of the Charter. This includes discussion on the nature of participation, the Charter’s desired outcomes and realistic timelines to achieve these goals.

As interested parties to the Charter either as a supporter or adopter, you are warmly invited to participate in an inaugural Round-Table discussion.  Key topics for discussion will be the important next steps needed to establish operational approaches in support of the Charter including the nature of participation in support of the Charter’s desired outcomes.

We are delighted to welcome two international climate experts to our inaugural Roundtable who will share their wealth of experience and knowledge through professional views and advice on the region’s climate agenda:

Zoe Whitton is a Partner at Pollination Group, a specialist climate change investment and advisory firm. Zoe assists companies and investors to navigate the impacts of climate change and to build new businesses and products which are transition aligned. Zoe previously led the award-winning APAC ESG Research team at Citi, advising institutional investors globally on climate change and sustainable development. Earlier in her career Zoe covered ESG and climate change at Credit Suisse and at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and served as a youth delegate to the UNFCCC. She serves on the boards of the Investor Group on Climate Change and the Centre for Policy Development, and is part of the advisory group of the Sydney Environment Institute. Zoe has won numerous awards for her research and work on climate finance and risk, and regularly contributes to the wider conversation on sustainable finance by commentating in the Australian and international press, including in the AFR, the SMH, the Age, and the Wall Street Journal, along with publications such as the Quarterly Essay.
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Lisa Cliff, Better Futures Australia Manager, is an environmental scientist and climate policy professional by training, Lisa has worked across sectors to co-design and deliver solutions to environmental challenges including managing The Climate Reality Project – Australia and Pacific to enable a community of 1,600 trained leaders. Lisa has previously worked with the Qld Conservation Council and the ACT Government. Through her work with Climate Action Network Australia, Lisa engages a broad range of organisations to deliver the Better Futures Australia initiative, driving ambition across society and the economy and amplifying diverse voices calling on the federal government to do more.
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We invite indeviduals and professional associations who are not members of ACoP to join the Australian / New Zealand ‘Forum for Climate Action’ that works collectively to uphold the integrity and contribution that Australian professionals can make in pursuit of our Nation’s climate agenda. “Collaboratively, we intend to harness and share our joint expertise and climate-relevant resources to enhance capabilities to practice sustainability, including a timeline for achieving this and identifying the help and collaboration needed from within our partnerships to achieve this”, said ACoP President A/Prof Klaus Veil.  

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