Professional Organisations support the Climate Charter!

With the discourse on “Net Zero by 2050” and similar goals running hot, we have explored the possibilities of professional associations in Australia and New Zealand expressing their support for progressing the goals of the Paris Agreement.

To gauge support for a joint activity within the context of the Glasgow COP 26 meeting, we held a Round-Table on 27 October 2021 at which the following topics were discussed:

  • Why a Climate Action Charter’?
  • An overview of the Professional Bodies Climate Action Charter.
  • What does the ‘Professional Bodies Climate Action Charter‘ mean?
  • What are the goals of the ‘Professional Bodies Climate Action Charter’?
  • Who is supporting the Charter?
  • ‘Supporter’ vs ‘Adopter’ – what is the difference?
  • Benefits of being a Supporter/Adopter: sharing of Climate Actions Plans, CPD/CPE resources, collaborations, advocacy, etc.
  • Emerging international, national and state climate law & policies, benefits vs risks of collaborating vs not collaborating
  • Next steps…

Following the Round-Table meeting, our Member Organisations endorsed that ACoP sign the Charter as a Supporter, therefore agreeing with its aims, stepping up to help secure a sustainable future and providing leadership, up-to-date technical & ethical guidance and advocacy for their work & that of the professions.

Based on this consensus, the ACoP Board unanimously passed a motion that ACoP sign the Charter as a Supporter, provide thought leadership to the professional associations community in Australia and NZ, set up a ‘Professional Bodies Forum for Climate Action‘ and move to Charter Adopter status as soon as practicable.

The purposes of the Forum include:

  • exploring and progressing organisations becoming a Supporter or Signatory to the Charter
  • sharing ideas, information and knowledge that will provide value to those who are Supporters or Signatories to the Charter

Collaboratively, we intend to harness and share our joint expertise and climate-relevant resources to enhance their capabilities to practice sustainability, including a timeline for achieving this and identifying the help and collaboration needed from within our partnerships to achieve this.

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Many other senior organisations have also expressed their support for ‘Net Zero’ policies and commitments:


78% of Australian voters say they support a net zero emissions target by 2050, 70% agree that ‘Australia should join other countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, … to address climate change‘ and 67% believe the government should be doing more to address climate change.  Interestingly, this view is held in all 151 electorates, so across the entire country.

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