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Chief Professionalist Round Table

The last 12 months have seen unprecedented challenges for Australia and a driving question has been “Who can we trust?“.  Many professionals have stepped-up to that challenge and shown that science-based, deeply considered expert guidance helps us successfully navigate the threats to our lives and livelihoods.  Our Chief Professionalist Round-Table will start a nuanced conversation

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Micro-Credential Round Table

The role of micro credentialing within the education ecosystem is increasing significant, yet there continues to be no commonly agreed standard within professional association accreditation practices. Many of our member organisations are grappling with the ways in which they might incorporate accredited micro credential programs into their current and future CPD/CPE offerings and how this

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Sydney Uni Researches Professional Ethics

Professionals encounter ethical challenges in their work.  Sydney University PhD student Anne Quain is seeking to find out what support is accessed by professionals when navigating these situations, and what kind of support is offered by professional associations. As part of her research, Anne has developed in consultation with ACoP a survey for members of

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Emerging Professions Round-Table

Well-established professions occupy a position of privilege and inclusion in the provision of services and lawmaking machinery of societies. It is a desirable position to which communities of practice aspire, however realising this status presents a dilemma for the entities representing neo-professions, emerging professions, sub-specialisations, occupational groups and para-professions. In fulfilling our remit to explore

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Future Pathways to Professional Standing Round-Table

Micro-Credentials, Experiential Learning, etc. are examples of some rapid developments in the pathways of becoming a professional.  Many of our member organisations are currently exploring and working on what progression to the membership of a Professional Association might look like in the future. Our Round-Table will explore possible future pathways to professional standing and eligibility

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ACoP joins Asia-Pacific Federation of Associations

The ACoP Board is delighted to announce that our organisation is now part of the regional associations body Asia-Pacific Federation of Associations (APFAO). As a member of the Asia-Pacific Federations been accepted as a member of the … advocating towards the betterment of the sector and professionals working in these associations.

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‘Guiding for Professionalism’ Project

There is a global crisis of trust and an increase in anti-professional sentiment globally. Despite economic success, Governments, Business, NGOs and the Media are not trusted due to a growing sense of inequity, availability and easy distribution of information from questionable sources and compromised adherence to professional ethics. So how can professional associations support their

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COVID-19 Road to Recovery Education/Training Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on employment, required workplace skills and the nature of jobs of many Australian employees and workers. We are seeking your help to establish which and how new skills should be provided, funded and acquired more quickly to ensure all Australians can participate and benefit from Australia’s successful

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